Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Won!

Everyday Hoodie Kit
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Earlier this month Blue Sky Alpacas had a sweater kit giveaway on their Facebook page. last week I rec'd a message from them that I had won the random number generated drawing. I was so excited
The kit came via fed ex this morning, it included the pattern for the Everyday Hoodie, enough yarn to knit the largest size of the pattern, and a "pretty cheep" project bag with a hummingbird on it.
Even-though I don't need to start another project as soon as I get off the computer I'm going to ball up a skein and get started.

Happy Anniversary!

wedding day 1988
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22 years ago today I got married to my wonderful DH
DH stands for dear hubby most of the time, On extremely rare occasions the "D' will stand for something else.
He is the perfect match for me. We balance each others personalities out. He is extremely, calm, loving, kinds, and patient. Extremely patient. I'm so glad we found each other when we did, and that we are able to go through this journey of life together.

Monday, August 16, 2010

New Girls in the Coop

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My sweet husband brought home some 4 new chicks home the other day. I wasn't real pleased, we still had 4 older chickens. He assured me that the feed store was willing to take in the older chickens and "find them a home". We eat chicken I know where chicken in the store comes from, but haveing taken care of those chickens the last couple of years I know we could never eat these chickens.
This weekend he and the kids took the older chickens to the feed store.....and came home with 3 more chicks. he has convincing me down to a science and his secret weapons are the kids. He has them do recon, announcing as the walk ing the door that "we got chickens mom" "They're so cute". Well the kids are cute and so excited, and the chicks are kind of sute too.How can I get upset at that. He's ruthless
We have:
3 Opringtons - brown eggs
2 Americauna- blue or green eggs
2 Welsummers- dark reddish brown eggs
They are pretty cute especially the Orpintons. Thier legs are so feathery and look like muppet legs
yep he's ruthless to parade so much cute in front of me.

My little Lamb

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I'm posting this quite a bit late. Rec'd this fun little critter as part of the Green Critter Swap hosted by Dawn from the Knit Naturally podcast. My Swap Partner was the wonderful Tasha. This little guy came in a package with "all sorts of wonderful" Isn't he cute. My 6yo thought so too. I'm gonna have to arm wrestle her for him.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Flamingo Pie Baby Cardigan

Crocheted for a friend haveing a baby this month.
Pattern: Pink Candy Cardigan
Yarn: Dream in color Smooshy
Color: Flamingo Pie

The girls

The girls
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The DH brought home some "new" chickens. This time we have two Orpingtons ( the light brown and white with feathery legs), and two Americauna. My daughters are in love with the Orpingtons they are sweet and gentle. The Americaunas seem to be the ones with bit of an attitude.

Its always fun to get new chickens.