Friday, August 29, 2008

What I love about the blog...

1. I can share my thoughts with the blog. It will not look at me with a glazed-over look in its eyes, tell me I'm wrong, or eat all the food in the refrigerator

2. I can show pictures to the blog. It does not ask me for 10 replicas of the project for all of its little friends.

3. I am learning new things about the blog. Ways to make it pretty. How to organize it and how to share.

4. I feel accountable for what I say or type on the blog. Prjects started and shared on the blog must be finished eventually.

I really like the blog. I have kind of learned to post links correctly, add buttons, and gadgets. For now though I will keep the blog simple.

On the needles today: I am obsessing about making a throw for my brother's mother-in-law. The obsession comes from buying the yarn several months ago.....and now not being able to find it. I hate it whan that happens. I was going to make her a Hemlock Ring Blanket by Jared Flood, from some lovely alpaca blend yarn. I really want to find that yarn..arrrgh!

I am going to look a little more and if I can't find it I will settle down with my Monkey socks

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

WIPs for Wednesday

On the needles is my first try at Cooky A's Monkey sock pattern


The yarn is Knitivity Down Home Art Yarns sock yarn

Also onthe needle is the beggining of a blanket for the Stitch it Podcast Listeners' Charity Blanket Group-West Coast. The theme for this blanket is Falling Leaves/ Autumn. I am using Vanna's Choice in Dusty Green the stitch pattern is a cable called leaves and vines and is addapted from a wash cloth pattern.

West Coast group Leaf/Autmn blanket

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Okay back from picking up the kids from school.

Turquoise Sugar Socks

Pattern: Sugar Maple by Melissa Morgan-Oakes
Size: woman's Med for Janett
Needle: US 1 / 2.25 mm
Yarn: Fibranatura Yummy
Purchased at The Fiber Factory in Mesa, AZ

20th anniversary = cast aluminum?

Twenty years ago today I became Mrs. dnaprice. To this day my DH is one of my best friends and still pakes my heart skip a beat when he smiles at me. Because money is tight and needed for neccessitites we decided not to sspend alot of oney on a big celebration. I looked on the internet and the 20th wedding anniversary is the platinum or emerald. platinum is definitely not in the budget. My husband loves his cast iron cookware, he has several Dutch ovens and skillets. I also know he likes scones. My anniversary present to him was a cast aluminum scone pan and some yummy scones.

Here are some pictures of FO's and entered into the Yarn Thing and SheKnits Summer KAL/CAL.

Here is my first Dumpling bag, a kit purchased from Sharon, and socks.

Socks to be posted later

Monday, August 25, 2008

Starting as I mean to go on.

Yes.... its another hobby blog by a mom/knitter/quilter
I have been wanting to start a blog. Shirrell, from Belle of the Ball podcast fame, started something that has encouraged me to do so. A contest. I can't resist a contest, especially fun ones.

On a recent podcast Shirrell had mentioned the New Year podcast by Brenda Dayne for which the theme was "Start as you mean to go on." I think of this saying on those days when things don't start out right. You know what I mean. Those days when everyone gets up late, they're crabby,and moving s-o-o-o s-l-o-o-w , I usually end up these mornings in psycho-mom mode. After I get the kids off to school and have a few moments to breathe, I know that I should have approached this day better. "starting as I mean to go" is becoming my daily mantra

I may not post frequently and participles might possibly be dangling all over the place. Knitters are forgiving people.

next post: If I can figure my way around the program pictures will be posted and more info on life in the Valley of the Sun