Tuesday, August 26, 2008

20th anniversary = cast aluminum?

Twenty years ago today I became Mrs. dnaprice. To this day my DH is one of my best friends and still pakes my heart skip a beat when he smiles at me. Because money is tight and needed for neccessitites we decided not to sspend alot of oney on a big celebration. I looked on the internet and the 20th wedding anniversary is the platinum or emerald. platinum is definitely not in the budget. My husband loves his cast iron cookware, he has several Dutch ovens and skillets. I also know he likes scones. My anniversary present to him was a cast aluminum scone pan and some yummy scones.

Here are some pictures of FO's and entered into the Yarn Thing and SheKnits Summer KAL/CAL.

Here is my first Dumpling bag, a kit purchased from Sharon, and socks.

Socks to be posted later

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sherrill said...

The dumpling bag turned out wonderful!

Excellent job!