Monday, September 13, 2010


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"question of the day" posted in the She knits podcast furm today on Ravelry by mountainpurl was "what is the thing or things that someone you know - friend or family has made that you think is just amazing? " There were several things I thought of. Some bookcases built by my husband and a needlepoint done by my grandmother were a couple of items that stood out. both were labor intensive in different ways.
Then I thought of my favorite object made by me. Its my first wall quilted wall hangingthat involved fabric transfers of family photos and creative use of fabric. I really had a lot of help from the teacher of the class I took in figuring out the square size and cutting of the fabric. The seams are a little wonky and there are loose threads all over the place. It was on of my first quilts and I really treasure this wall hanging.
The center photo is a picture of my Grandfather, grandmother and Uncle Jack. PIctures included on the quilt are of my parent's wedding day
my Uncle Jack in front of a Derigable that he flew in WWII
My dad when he was much younger and had hair ;).

I love this quilt because it is a daily reminder of my heritage and of the sacrifices my ancestors made to be together and build a family.
Is there something you have made that you love despoite its imperfections?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

In honor of Labor Day ( a couple of days late)

Ahh. To be young again. I always look forward to the long holiday weekend. I always forget to remeber what Labor day is about.

This pic was taken while my husband and I were visiting my dad who was on the picket line. Dad drove bus for Trailways for over 25 years, until Greyhound took over Trailways in 1987. BEcuase of some labor -law violations the union started a nation-wide strike in March 1990. It took 38 years for the labor dispute to be settled. During this time my dad worked night shift as a security guard at a local mall, got his realtors license, and tried a couple of other different jobs. All while spending some time each week on the picket line.
Driving was the career he loved. He was so happy to go back to work when the stike was finally settled and even happier when the union was able to restore his seniority and unpaid back wages.

I'm so proud of my dad and of how hard he worked to make a good life for me and my family.