Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Garden

Now is a peak time for gardens in the low-desert gardening. especially the Phoenix area. We've been picking radishes and carrots for a couple of weeks. Tomato and pepper transplants are continuing to grow as are the Sunflowers and watermelon from seeds. It looks great. My only concern now is that the average daily temperature is starting to hit 100 degrees. I am hopeful that we will get some tomatoes before it gets too hot.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the entry about a friend , nothing about knitting

I went to visit a friend tonight. She has been in pain for years and never have been able to find relief or a Doctor that has been able to diagnose a definite illness. She has been told to lose weight, exercise more, and just deal with the pain.

In the last few months she started to lose her balance, experience numbness down her left leg. She found a Doctor that listened and she was able to get into a neurologist. She is being tested for Multiple Sclerosis, the Doctor is 90% sure that's what it is , but more test need to be done for a definite diagnosis.

I love my friend, and will be there for her as much as she and her family will let me. I just wish it wasn't her being the one diagnosed with a degenerative disease. After leaving her home tonight, I thought of another friend, of my mom and my nephew, people whose' bodies have failed before they were "supposed to". People who despite adversity and trials have carried on and done their best to live live as well as they could. I know no mater what I do for them it can't make up for the examples they are to me.

I've tried to be there to help when they've needed a smile, encouragement, a trip to the doctor's office, even a silly stupid joke now and then. I know I can't take away the pain, and I can't take her place. I just wish I could.

My friend is okay with the diagnosis, a little discouraged that the first round of treatments didn't show a huge improvement in her life . I am grateful that after so many years of suffering and going to doctors that there is an answer and a treatments for her. I am glad she is still here and is my friend.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Flowers

For the short period of time that we actually have "spring-like" weather (its supposed to be in the 90's today). I really enjoy the fact that I can have flowers in my flowerbeds year round.
Here is what started blooming yesterday.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Because Bams' did...

...i will too.
I just finished reading the blog of a Ravelry friend BammerKT, she is funny and a wicked good spinner and knitter. In her latest post she admitted she hadn't posted a lot lately. Yet there she did. I haven't posted much of anything lately, mostly because of time, I'm tired and forming a complete thought is nearly imporssible let alon writing down a good paragraph with pictures. Because Bam's will take the time to post something. I should be able to do it too.

On the needles :
  • Autumn Shawl- Entrelac Shawl in Jojoland Rythmn for this I have figured out how to knit backwards.

  • Cluaranach scarf -Anne Hanson Pattern
  • Super secret baby project for a friend

Spring break ended last week. This is the kids first full week of school. We had a great break just relaxing and getting things done around the house. We did take a trip to the Zoo. Because it was just me tand the three younger kids, we went in the afternoon and stayed until closing time. It was FUN. The kids rode a camel and pet the stingrays.