Thursday, September 26, 2013

Remembering Tommy

14 years ago tomorrow my nephew Tommy was born.  With him he brought unconditional love for everyone who would cross his path.  He was a fun and loving kid.  As an Aunt it fills my heart with joy to watch all of my nephew and nieces grow and learn.  With Tommy it was fun to watch my brother, his father, grow along with him. 
in Fall of 2005 Tommy had spent several days ill with flu like symptoms.  Just after his 6th birthday Tommy needed to be admitted to the hospital.  It took what seemed like weeks for him to be stable enough to have tests that would lead to the diagnosis of nueroblastoma.   For several months Tommy went through radiation and chemotherapy treatments.  With the help of his parents, family and friends those months were also filled with fun, adventure and love. 

Just before his 7th birthday Tommy passed away  in his parents arms.  I cannot find words strong enough to convey the heartbreak  my brother and Sister in law went through. 

Through their pain they have looked for ways to serve others.  My Sister inlaw started up a foundation  collected money and toys for children going through treatment for cancer and blood disorders.  They also participate in “Cure’s kids Conquer Cancer”  with fundraising that goes to childhood cancer research. 

I do not like to inundate family and friends with catalog parties or ask for money.  I would like to ask you to consider going to Tommy’s page.  

Read it and share it with your friends.  If you combine "all of the types childhood cancers, receive only 4% of federal funding for cancer research".  September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month.  Help with finding a cure or better treatment can help save parents and families from having to say good-bye to their child

Tommy about 10 months old

Tommy with best friend Luke