Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cake BOSSing mom around

My daughter's love to watch Cake Boss on Netflix. I should know better than to let them watch it. I mean its a pretty family friendly show, minimal cussing and it shows a close, really close, family that works hard together. However when my oldest and creative- minded daughter watches it for two or more days in a row she gets an itch to try her hand at cake decorating. Last time she got the urge We tried our hand at fondant....not very tasty and met with mixed result. This time I stuck with what I knew..... butter cream frosting and good old-fashioned food dye. We didn't even use the fancy Wilton colored pastes. I tried to show her how to hold the bag and get different effects with the different tips, but no she wants to twist the bag like the Boss does. No styrofoam cakes to practice on so she worked on an empty yogurt container and cupcakes.

These are what Banana Girl (aka the little sister did with help. The pink glob on the cupcake on the left side is suppose to be an eye (I)

The results of the Boss (y) Girl's hard work.

It was fun, minimal work and it took care of the girls creative "itch"

Friday, January 13, 2012

I am full of gratitude. A couple of weeks ago my oldest returned home. He had been away from home for 2 years on a mission for the Lord through the LDS church. on someways he has changed auiet a bit in other he is still the same. He still has the same dry sense of humor that his dad my husband also has, Its a hoot but can drive me nuts.
Different in that he is very helpful he does his own laundry and will help with meals without being asked.
Regardless he left as a teen and came back as an adult I need to keep reminding my self this and am trying to give him some breathing room as he establishes a new routine.
I am happy to have him home and his younger sibling are also enjoying having around to hang on and do things with.
emotions are all over the place. Happiness to have him home, satisfaction in seeing what a fine young man he has grown into, and a lot of hoping that he is able to continue to work and that he'l have a happy life.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Traditions and Themes

In a World where there is one family, four children, different brave second grade teacher willing to teach them all....
We are so lucky to have the best 2nd grade teacher for all of my children. She has the ability to work with the easiest to the most difficult child. Artistic, mathematically inclined, learning issues, she can work with them all and do it in a loving kind and gentle manner. Over the years she had her students make the same snowman ornaments for Christmas. I'm so tickled that I have a complete set now. Special ornaments for each child every year has always been a tradition. I love these sorts of traditions.

Usually this time of year the some of pod-casters I love to listen to talk about their goals for the next year. This time a few of them are talking about "themes" or what they value or trait would like to build into their character/being for the coming year. I think my themes for 2011 would have been "chaos and procrastination" for 2012 I want it to be "Finishing (projects) and Balance"
This past year I feel like I spent a lot of "putting out little fires" taking each task or event as it came along not really preparing for it. I started working part time at my daughter's school 4 months ago. No I can't seem to get laundry done or meals cooked and meal planning has gone completely out the door.

I need to be able to plan better so there is less chaos in my life.

Finishing is self explanatory. I have a lot of Unfinished projects that were started in the last year that are stuffed in bag hidden in the back of my closet. over the next couple of days I'm coin through those bags and either rip them or start to finish them.

Its been a good year , interesting but good. could have done without some of the dramatic stuff, good thing is that we made it through all the trials. I am grateful for my family, the circle of friends I have in real life and on-line. I feel that the Lord has truly blessed me.