Friday, January 13, 2012

I am full of gratitude. A couple of weeks ago my oldest returned home. He had been away from home for 2 years on a mission for the Lord through the LDS church. on someways he has changed auiet a bit in other he is still the same. He still has the same dry sense of humor that his dad my husband also has, Its a hoot but can drive me nuts.
Different in that he is very helpful he does his own laundry and will help with meals without being asked.
Regardless he left as a teen and came back as an adult I need to keep reminding my self this and am trying to give him some breathing room as he establishes a new routine.
I am happy to have him home and his younger sibling are also enjoying having around to hang on and do things with.
emotions are all over the place. Happiness to have him home, satisfaction in seeing what a fine young man he has grown into, and a lot of hoping that he is able to continue to work and that he'l have a happy life.

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