Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cake BOSSing mom around

My daughter's love to watch Cake Boss on Netflix. I should know better than to let them watch it. I mean its a pretty family friendly show, minimal cussing and it shows a close, really close, family that works hard together. However when my oldest and creative- minded daughter watches it for two or more days in a row she gets an itch to try her hand at cake decorating. Last time she got the urge We tried our hand at fondant....not very tasty and met with mixed result. This time I stuck with what I knew..... butter cream frosting and good old-fashioned food dye. We didn't even use the fancy Wilton colored pastes. I tried to show her how to hold the bag and get different effects with the different tips, but no she wants to twist the bag like the Boss does. No styrofoam cakes to practice on so she worked on an empty yogurt container and cupcakes.

These are what Banana Girl (aka the little sister did with help. The pink glob on the cupcake on the left side is suppose to be an eye (I)

The results of the Boss (y) Girl's hard work.

It was fun, minimal work and it took care of the girls creative "itch"

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