Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Time warp back to Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend we went to San Diego. Its only a five hour drive add in a supper stop in Yuma and one Border Patrol checkpoint it took us just under 6 hours.
When we got to the motel we had booked for the weekend, we were very disappointed. It was in a bad part of town, not very family friendly and the bathtub was full of cockroaches. The younger kids were crying and tired. I put a smile on but deep inside i hard a hard time thinking we could live in this place for three days.

The next morning, My dear husband negotiated our release form this motel, ( thank you hotels.com). and then he as able to check us into the Embassy Suites near San Diego Harbor Bay. It was like going form hotel heck to hotel paradise. The rest of the weekend was heaven.
We visited Sea World, saw Shamu and the Dolphin shows. Hung out a lot in the Arctic exhibit.. That night for dinner we walked to Seaport Village for dinner. It was a blast.
Sunday we attended church, had lunch back the hotel. That afternoon we went to Cabrillo Nat'l Park to explore the tide pools and see the light house.
Monday we got up early for breakfast then drove to La Jolla Shores. A very nice beach that was pretty crowded at 8 am. The dh came through and found a parking place we played in the sand, swam in the ocean and watched the surfers again it was heavenly. We had plenty of time to head back to the hotel, get cleaned up and checkout before driving home.
Next time I go to San Diego, I would like to spend most of the tome by the beach its so peaceful. It was good to spend time with the family too. I'm so blessed that the kids all get along and like each other.
My youngest had a hard time leaving San Diego. She loved it there too.

Monday, September 14, 2009

No animals were injured in the writing of this blog

A couple of weeks ago I went to the doctor with abdominal pains, chest pain, just not feeling well. First thing he told me was "no animal products" he also put me on Zantac for ulcers, and anther pill for high blood pressure.

After a week of being totally "vegan", I was feeling pretty good....except for hives caused by one of the medications.

The doc then told me it was okay to "eat meat sparingly". I intend to emphasize the vegetarian aspects of the diet, and feel better if when I do eat animal products that is be very lean and only in small amounts.

Today I needed to make a treat for tonight's family time. I "googled" the words vegan cake, Google then kindly found this little gem of a recipe for Chocolate Vegan Cake. It looks like cake, it smells like cake it even tastes like cake, for the most part. the texture is ever so slightly different but not off putting. The pickiest eater in the world (my 8yo) had two pieces tonight

The recipe calls for soy milk and canolaoil, I used coconut milk and olive oil as it is what I had on hand.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Some of my heroes....

I need to sleep, but I can't. Nothing bad going on just an allergic reaction to a newly prescribed medication has left my arms and legs covered in hives. Yay, for Prednisone! I don't want to gross anyone out with photo journaling this event . Lets just say that after the first dose of Prednisone I am able to comfortably knit again.

September 11th and all the meaning that goes with it has snuck up on me this year. It has double meaning for me this year.

  1. Tommy Peterson, my nephew, is one of my heroes. Tommy, who passed away three years ago from complications of a brain tumor, is being honored on the Cure Childhood Cancer website today. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month. Everyday Cure is honoring two children who have battled cancer. Another one of my heroes is my sister-in-lawTommy's mom. She and my brother made Tommy's last months full of love, fun and adventure. I am forever indebted to them for bringing this amazing child to this Earth and allowing me and my family to be know him and have him a part of our lives. Mysister-in-law is the one who wrote the entry honoring Tommy.

  2. I also like to take time to remember those who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks on America. I know that there will be many memorial ceremonies going on around the country. I hope that this is a date that continues to be a day of solemn remebrance. I am continually grateful for the men and women who have made the sacrifice to serve their country and/or community whether it is in the Armed forces or other branches of community service. Special hugs and prayers for them and their families not just today but everyday.

I took this picture during a visit to my brother's family. A friend of my SIL had arranged a trip to a local Firehouse. Station#25 in Lawrenceville, GA. These firemen were great words cannot express how amazing they were to Tommy and his family