Friday, November 28, 2008

Ravelry Purse Swap

It has been a busy month and the blog is overdue for an update. 

I participated in the "Holiday Purse Swap" over on Ravelry . I had sent the package I had put together to my swap partner, in Texas, and she sent me one in return

Here is what arrived at my house on Monday afternoon.
From my swap partner dianna!

Everything unwrapped, I will admit something just seemed wrong about opening "presents" before Christmas
package contents

Thank you swap partner, I seem to get the best swap partners . 

My dd had fun with the package too. "We Heart bubble wrap."
bubble wrap dance

Thursday, November 20, 2008

life unraveling around me...

......or how Meghan from the Stitchit podcast started me down the path of reclaiming/recycling/repurposing yarn from thrift store sweaters.

sweater deconstruction

It isn't very easy to find 100% wool sweaters in the thrift stores of Arizona. I imagine most people who live here are like me, they found a sweater the liked years ago and because it only gets cold enough here one or two months a year to actually wear a sweater...the sweaters hardly get used and last forever.

I did find a little gem of a sweater. A jCrew brand Cotton/ Cashmere/nylon blend. All the seams were sewn not serged, and picking the seams apart was a real dream have all but the back frogged washed and skeined up. I have an urge to knit a hat and scarf combo out of this soft stuff. Now I just need some time

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Latest KAl/Cal Entry

Here are some finished gifts and my latest entries into Yarn Thing and Knaked knits podcasts Holiday KAl/Cal

Frosty Morning Fingerless glovesMagical Fingerless MittensCabled FootiesMens Toe- Up Socks with a Twist

Top L: Frosty Morning Fingerless Gloves for my niece; R- Magical Fingerless Mitts from for #2 son
Bottom L: Cabled Footies from the book One Skein ;R- Men's Toe-up Work Sock with a Twist for my dad.