Thursday, November 20, 2008

life unraveling around me...

......or how Meghan from the Stitchit podcast started me down the path of reclaiming/recycling/repurposing yarn from thrift store sweaters.

sweater deconstruction

It isn't very easy to find 100% wool sweaters in the thrift stores of Arizona. I imagine most people who live here are like me, they found a sweater the liked years ago and because it only gets cold enough here one or two months a year to actually wear a sweater...the sweaters hardly get used and last forever.

I did find a little gem of a sweater. A jCrew brand Cotton/ Cashmere/nylon blend. All the seams were sewn not serged, and picking the seams apart was a real dream have all but the back frogged washed and skeined up. I have an urge to knit a hat and scarf combo out of this soft stuff. Now I just need some time

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JavaNut said...

Great find! I don't find many at Calif thrift stores either, but do occassionally look.