Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Kind of Whine

I don't know what is is about "Winter" here in the southwest.  The weather has been beautiful, with clear blue skies for most of the week.  Still I feel "antsy".

This morning I baby sat and looked at afghan square patterns. While I did this I downloaded new episodes of my favorite podcasts (see side bar for some of them). After 'synching" my i-pod,  I started to listen toe Doubleknit,  it stop just a few seconds in to the episode.  SO I started listening to Knaked Knits, same thing.  Trashed and then downloaded the episodes again., re-synched my ipod.  I check my podcasts on there at all.  I'm an addict, I need my podcasts, I have to have them.

Cut to the end. I had to reset my ipod and then go through the long process of reloading my stuff.  

I should quit whining.  At least I have an ipod that works, the sun is out and its a beautiful day today.

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