Sunday, November 15, 2009

written under the influence of pain pills

I was planning on posting today. My brain is still a little foggy from pain meds I had surgery on Firday (the 13th) to repair an umbilical hernia. Still having some incisional pain form the surgery , but it isn't as bad as the actualy hernia pain was.
Tried knitting a bit on the Forest Canopy Shawl as a Christmas present for my MIL. Made only a couple mistakes while under the influence of pain pills . Should be able to finish the shawl the up today.
Found a great cookbook called Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, Its a nice thick book that goes through all the basics of vegetarian and some vegan dishes. I'm excited about the recipes for making my own polenta. There are sections on using different grains, legumes, vegetables, sauces. I hope to get up and cooking soon so I can try some of them. I found the book at my Local library, but know it is availbale aon too.
Need to take a nap now.
Have a great day

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Brenda M. said...

I'm glad to hear things are better, and I hope your recovery is very swift.