Saturday, July 10, 2010

Where does the time go?

Its been three months of busy and no blogging. Nothing exciting going on just busy. My youngest is sporting a new smile this Summer. My daughters have been participating with the city Summer rec swim team. I love it. They have a good workout in the morning and are mellow for most of the day. I also love it because while we are at team practice, I can get some quality knitting time in. I take cotton and work on dishcloths, mainly because they are "mindless knitting" and they make good housewarming gifts.

At the swim meet today I was working on a garter-stitch diagonal dishcloth and my friends 8 yo daughter was watching me, our conversation went something like this.

Her: What are doing?
Me: I'm knitting a dish cloth
Her: oh
After a couple more minutes of her watching me
Her: I don't get it....
Me: Well I like to use hand knit dishcloths, so I make them to use. They're really great.
Her: No , I mean I don't get what your doing?
Me: I'm knitting
Her: I don't get how it works, can I try?
Clearly there was a breakdown in communication on my part. I took a few minutes and showed her how to make a knit stitch, then she finished the row for me. Her stitches weren't perfect but she got the mechanics of the knit stitch really fast. I didn't have the heart to rip them out. I cast off what had been done and handed her first bit of knitting to my friend her mom.

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Brenda M. said...

Love that! Get them while they're young, I say. ;D