Monday, June 27, 2011

sorry for the abscence

Oye! This year has been busy, so busy that I haven't blogged since October I got my self involved up to my neck at the youngest childs school helping the noon aides during the kindergarten and first grade lunch time. Then in the classroom and did I mention PTO hospitality committee.
It was a good and busy school year. I was so glad to see Summer break come. I haven't done
anything wonderful or creative for the children to keep them busy. Aside from the Scout Camp, Irish Dance Camp and ceramics classes, their days are filled with reading, playing games (both board and video) and hanging out in the air conditioned home.

Here we are nearly a month into the Summer Break and only a month to go before school starts again. I'm going to find a better balance in my schedule this year. I've got to. Here are a couple of pics from the last several months.

We went to the Zoo a couple of times

Some dear friends came to visit

...and we played with mentos and diet coke (the closest to an explosion I will let my children get.

the dietsoda/mento explosions wasn't as spectacular as we wanted it to be. I think in this try we used a store brand soda. We also tried sierra Mist, Root Beer and Diet Coke.

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