Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer school

I put my 15yo on the bus to Summer school this morning,  It was almost harder than sending him to kindergarten.  He qualified to take an accelerated math class last January and he really wanted to do it. Six months later when the class starts, the thought of spending half of his Summer vacation getting up at 6 am  and spending 7 hours in class isn't as appealing as it was.
I'm real proud of him he is my child with ADD who didn't start talking until he was four years old, wasn't reading at grade level until 4th grade and up until 7th grade I couldn't read his essays or handwriting.  He had an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) up until 8th grade.  For his final report card of the year he had straight A's except for the Honors History class for that he had a B.

My oldest son and 11yo daughter both qualified for the gifted program.  They are both good kids but I've seen them waste their time and talents, they don't have to work as hard to get good grades, so they don't.

My 15 yo works really hard to get to where he is at, and is  more meticulous than my others, he has had to be. Even so I had a difficult time watching him get on the bus that was going to take him to Summer School for the day.  I was glad that he found a familiar face to hang out with in the crowd of other sleepy-eyed teenagers.  I wasn't the only one there.  there were several other parents waiting in their cars, waiting for their child to get on the bus, watching the bus drive off.

Wash, rinse, repeat....we get to do this again tomorrow and then again.  Its only for three weeks.  We can do anything for three weeks. Right?

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