Monday, October 6, 2008

Fetchin' some yarn


On Ravelry I posted a picture of the Fetching I made.  I didn't care for the thumb in the pattern so I "riffed " put in a gusset.  Here are the changes I made:

After the third cable twist on the cuff,  ( K 4 p1) four times, K2,pm, m1, pm k2, p1, (k4,p1)four times

( K 4 p1) four times, k5, p1, (k4,p1)four times

( K 4 p1) four times, K2, sl marker, m1, k1,m1, slip marker k2, p1, (k4,p1)four times

( K 4 p1) four times, k7, p1, (k4,p1)four times

then continued in that manner increasing between the stitch markers every other row until I had 15 stitches between the markers. On the row after finishing the increses I put the stitches between the markers on waste yarn,, finished the rest of the hand as written in the pattern. Picked up the thumb stitches knit four rounds before binding off  I’m going to try incresing eveythird row on the next pair. With the Malabrigo 15 stitches makes for a big thumb

gussett close up

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