Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Knitting Blog?

Im not sure if this is a knitting blog or a place for me to babble-write. So for some knitting content today.
On the Needles
Toe-up Work Sock With a Twist from the Unique Sheep Ram Sock Club. A lot of firsts for me.
  • first sock club
  • first toe-up sock
  • first short row toe
  • loving the yarn and pattern its what is distracting my from....

Hemlock Ring Blob

Hemlock Ring #2 pattern by Jared Flood aka Brooklyn Tweed.
It is the second time I have knit this blanket.  
 yarn: is Cascade 220
Color: Lake Chatelaine
Needle: #8US
I am using the Jared's chart that has symbols and stitch counts added which is available along with the errata for row 35 on the Rainey Sisters Weblog.  Its golden

I started this as an informal KAL with Coggietm and Sydney .
I hope to get better at inserting links and adding buttons as I learn more about the blog.


Coggie said...

yay!! welcome to the blogospere :0 congrats on your first post.

Coggie said...

ok stupid me, ignore this post, it never happened....
I need coffee or sleep.