Monday, December 1, 2008

Is selfless knitting selfish?

Yeah its I ready for the Holidays? Not quite. NEver have been cokpletely ready. As Chirstmas draws closer, iusually throw my hands up in the air and say to everyone around me, "What doesn't get done, doesn't get done and its okay."
It didn't make it to the Charity Knit Night at TempeYarn and Fiber like I wanted to. I did take in a bunch of hats for the donation box.

My contributions:
Charity Hats

Boy Hat Top

My new favorite hat pattern is the Boy Hat. I'm not the fastest knitter so this is good for me.
Not pictured were two crocheted preemie hats. This charity knitting is in part due to the Year-Long Gift-A-long group on Ravelry. The Quarterly Challenge was to pick a Charity and knit for it. I chose a local chapter of Project Linus, and wanted to focus on items for preemies. There was a need for bigger items as well. I find the charity knitting to lift my spirits when I am down, and resolve to always have something on the needles for a charity.

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