Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Green Tuesday

Mom is a big fan of podcasts. She loves listening to Meghan over on the Stitch it Podcast. Meghan talks alot about " SPINNING! , knitting, and a few of her"favorite things" . In an effort to live a "greener" life she "dryer balls". A non-toxic way to make your clothes fluffy and static free in the dryer, and alternative to dryer/fabric softener sheets. Mom expressed an interest intyring some, but was not interester in buying the PVC ones available in the retail stores, and she really didn't feel like poutting forth the effort to make the wool ones. Enter on loving daughter who needs a good Valentines present to send to her mom. A daughter with a lot of wool who livesw in a climate that doesn't require a lot of wool.

Today I made wool dryer balls, using this tutorial It is a learning process. I am going to send the better felted ones to my mom and keep four for me, and see if they really work.

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