Saturday, February 14, 2009

Its Hip to be a Square

I love most music. I would listen to it all the time when I was going through my teenaged- young adult years. When I was in the Nursing Progam at the college my casstte player would keep me company and help me stay awake as I drove back an forth from my home to the school and hospitals where I did my clinicals. Whitney Houstan would cry with me as I experienced my first heartache, while Huey Lewis and the News would keep my spirits up when I was feeling discouraged with school, or my mom was very sick. I loved Huey Lewis and the News, I was even asked on a date to go see the group in concert. I still love listening to their music, even when Sesame street parodies it

I have been working on some "swatches" trying different stitch patterns. I use the plural form because I made more than one less than three. These were just an experiment and will probably send them to a friend who is collecting squares to make blankets.
Both are made from Berroco Nostalgia
L: brown
Reversible cable pattern
r: Red
Stitch: Gull Lace pattern

I have also been practicing,swatching whatever you want to call it with mitered squares. I really love the Sock Blankie by Shelley Kang, would really like to make one too. I just can't seem to get the rythm of the mitered square. I'm doing better than I was last year at this time.

My First Square

made with leftovers from Unique Sheep Verve. The finished blocking size was 4"

Noro Kureyon

needles: US#1

I loved knitting with the Kureyon sock yarn...after I skeined the ball, soaked and, wound it up again. The bigger square measure approximately 6" the smaller one are 3". It took several tries to match the right needles with the right yarn to get these sizes. They are fun to make and have thrown me off course from my other goal knitting. They have been blocked and ends woven in. Theya re going to be put away until I finish some other committments.

Happy Valentines Day!

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Jillsknit said...

The swatches look great. I'm sure your friend with the afghans will really like them.