Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy day after Cinco de Mayo!

Always a day late and a couple dollars short.  Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo , the 5th of May. This holiday commemorates the Mexican Army's victory over French forces  at the Battle of Puebla.  It is not a state recognized holiday in Arizona, most fair and celebrations occur the weekend before. In my dd's grade school they taught the kids about the significance of the day.  they even taught the kids how to may the tissue paper flowers....guess what my craft -driven creative daughter wanted to do last night? Now  my kitchen has all different sizes of colorful tissue flowers all over.  I usually go all out and make an American style Mexican dinner, I wasn't organized this year and kind of bailed out on the idea.  

I was listening to the Doubleknit podcast today , and Jessica mentioned a funny Twilight parody called Twilight Cheeseburgers
I showed this to my 18yo son.  After dealing with Twilight crazed girls at school all day, this provided some good comic relief.

I recently started a couple of new projects, some baby items for friends and this

featherweight wrap
The Featherweight Wrap from Crochet Today Spring 2008 
I got this far on my first attempt at crocheting this a couple months ago.  This time the yarn is softer and the hook is bigger.  I feel good about it.

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