Thursday, May 14, 2009

Like music to my ears.

Happy Thursday! Today has been busy. Number 4 child had an end of session program for pre-school. (I refuse to call it graduation because they're only 5-years old .) There were tropical themed decorations. The kids all had on grass skirts and they "yell-sang" really The basic pre-school songs with such style. Face it 3-5 year olds are just hilariously cute.

My birthday will be in a few days. I don't mind getting older, its fun. To a point. My hormone levels feel like they are all over the place and I find myself crying over silly things, like my "baby" losing her first tooth, and my oldest getting ready to graduate HS.

I was checking out a swap partners blog, she follows Crazy Aunt Purl. It had been so long since I had read that blog. I went and had a peek. Crazy Aunt Purl's blog lead me to this video. It made me laugh and cry at the same time. Some days i wish life could really be like a musical. With people breaking out in song and dance, sharing the joy of music and life. I hope you enjoy it too.

Id forgotten how much I love reading that blog. She seems to find joy in everyday.

My swap partner in the Manic Purl kit swap has not received her package from me. I am going to give it until tomorrow. Then start putting together another package to send out. I feel bad and should have mailed things out earlier in April. I had no idea that it would take a month to get to Argentina. I feel bad . Hopefully the second package will get to her.

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