Friday, June 12, 2009

Mammoth Sunflowers and Why I shouldn't be allowed to bake cookies

The sunflowers have grown and threaten to take over the place. The Mammoth Sunflowers are approximately 13' across once the petals dry up. Last night i cut two of the flowers off to try and save some of the seeds from the birds. The other large sunflowers are not as big in diameter but they have grown much taller than the 6' cinder block wall. Our bedroom windowlooks out into the garden. Its fun to watch the little birds play around the sunflowers, not so fun to watch one of the chickens try and wrestle a ripe tomatoe of the vine.
This afternoon. Littlest sister was bothering the big sister and friend. I invited the littlest one to help me make cookies. My dh has perfected the chocolate chip cookie recipe, so I stay away from making those. I was in the mood for Snickerdoodles. Butter,eggs and flour rolled in more sugar and cinnamon. Yum!
We had every ingredient except we were shy 1 tps. of Cream of Tartar. IT all mixed up and looked right. We made our doughballs rolled them in cinnamon and sugar. An tremor of epic proprtions must have occured in the oven because this

Became this:

That blob on the lower right side is just a sad glob of dough that didn't even want to try for cookie greatness. They tasted all right. The Littlest one my darling daughter ate three of them tonight.

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BammerKT said...

Oh snickerdoodles! I haven't made them in ages!