Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer, swimming and science

I can't keep up the five word only posts. I thought that limiting myself to five words a post would allow me to be creative and post more frequently. I found out my brain doesn't have the bandwith to be that creative.
Here is what we've been up to this week
Swimming lessons and Swim team practice. : I while waiting for kids I finished a Circle cloth and worked on socks. I liked the finished product of the wash cloth. but my hands were sore after knitting it. The pattern has you slipping a stitch for seven rows, brutal on my hands, but I loved the effect. The yarn used was Sugar and Cream Stripes.

I also worked on a sock i think it just a Fancy rib from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush, in Corwn Mountain Farms hand spun "Sock Hop". Let me just say I love this yarn. It feels good toknit with, a pleasure to touch. I was so glad that I bought some on their last Sock Hop sale, especially whe I found out they weren't going to be selling it this summer online. I rec'd an e-mail newsletter from Crown Mountain Farms saying that they were saving all of their Sock Hop yarn for the Sock Summitt. Lucky for people attending the SS, too bad for the rest of us because I lo-o-o-ve this yarn.

Science experiments:
The kiddos learned about living cells (yeast), what they need to be active (water, warmth, and sugar), and what they produce (carbondioxide)
Then we experimented on which sugary liquid does the yeast react with best.
L-r Sprite (I know the bottle says Diet Coke), Gatorade, and Honey. Honey did the best., the Gatorade was a little to cold to help the yeast grow any.

Back to knitting. One of my favorite LYS Tempe Yarn and Fiber is spearheading a project for the local Ronald McDonald House. Author Tim Logan created background stories for members of a family of hedgehogs. I went to the shop saw what characters were left and chose a set of aunts called the Pinko Triplets. I finished knitting and fulled the first one yesterday and started the second one this morning. The pattern is Huggable Hedgehogs from Fibertrends, a well written pattern much and easier than the clogs I knit last year. I will post photos of my progress later.

Happy Summer! and Happy Birthday Coggietm!


Coggie said...

Thank you!

What a fun experiment to do with the yeast. My mom always made bread and to get the yeast to work you had to add sugar, so I can see why the honey worked so well, pure carbs.

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