Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vegas Elvii

Vegas Elvi
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I have been knitting then ripping, knitting then ripping no pictures of that. My oldest had a water polo tournament in Las Vegas. The Hubby took him and our other son to Vegas. After they had played all their games in the tournament. They drove around Vegas and saw the sights.
You can't go to Vegas without seeing Elvis in one form or another, here they saw two versions of Elivis. Elvii = more than one Elvis at the same time

Today has been a interesting day of ups and downs. My friend that had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a while ago , finally got a definitive diagnosis, and the Dr. started her chemotherapy. He husband called this afternoon to see if I would be able to help give her dose of interferon. I was a nurse and it doesn't bother me to give people shots. I was happy to help my friend until her family and she are more comfortable administering the medication themselves. I am happy that my friend is willing and able to take medicine to help control the disease.

After that experience and a few others that I don' t want to share here I am even more grateful for the love and support of family and friends. I love the new friends I have made in real life and on Ravelry. I love the old friends that really know me and love me anyway. I am grateful that I can sit down and knit a sock or shawl, and enjoy the process.

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