Monday, December 28, 2009

Its a beautiful gray and cloudy day here in the Phoenix area The girls and I all have the sniffles. I hope and tend to think they are more allergy and weather related than viral.
John had a migraine this morning. I feel bad that this is something he has to contend with in his life, but am grateful that they aren't worse or more frequent. I took the girls out to run errands for a couple of hours so John could have the quiet he needs to get over the headache.

We came home bearing donuts and lasagna (John's favorite). Hoping it will be a good day.

Knitting wise I'm going to finish the scarf started while mom was here, then start some dishcloths for my MIL's birthday present. Her birthday is a little over a week away, Think i can make 6 dishcloths before then? I would like to, we'll see.

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