Sunday, December 27, 2009 more entry for the day

It is two days after Christmas. We've taken down the decorations, put away the tree the only thing that remains if the fudge in the refrigerator. It was a little strange this year because my oldest was gone. He entered the Missionary Training Center a little over a week ago, to serve 2 years as a full time missionary for the LDS church. Its a pretty awesome thing to watch your son grow from a fun goofy kid into a neat young man. around 11yo going to first scout camp
19yo missionary

The three younger kids were a little sad and missing their brother, my parents saved the day, as only grandparents can, by coming and staying with us for Christmas. My youngest got a lot of snuggles from Grandma and grandpa. Em fell in love with their new dog, and John had fun playing games and going golfing with Grandpa.

My mom and I visited a couple of our favorite yarn stores and new projects were started, scarves. Mom was glad to be knitting something new. I started one just because mom wanted me to start one too. Most moms and daughters go clothes shopping or get pedicures mom and I knit together.
Even though we had a great time. Thoughts of my oldest child are in the back of my mind. I know he is safe and happy, and in my mind I am giving him a big hug.

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