Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Off Track

True confessions, as far as my new year's goals are concerned I've follow off track, haven't stayed the course, lost the vision...(what ever phrase you like to use insert here). My excuse is that that my husband was outof town for two weeks in Japan, plus we had quite the weather system go through while he was out of town. my valuable exercise time was taken away by cleaning the yard and minor home maintenance. Basically I'm a wimp and can't keep up my motherly duties, take care of the things my hubby normally does, AND expect to exercise, let alone knit and read. See I'm a whiney wimp.

I did get some knitting done.
Felted clogs for my oldest son. MY frontloading washing machine does felt wool . Next time I need to remeber to turn off the spng cycle. these turned out a little wonky
...and dishcloths also a litttle wonky, but still usable.

Now I need to get back on track with the other goals.

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