Monday, January 11, 2010

Goals 1st week

So far so good on the exercise. Last week I exercised at least 30minutes 4 times then I walked to pick up my youngest from school rather than ride the half mile round trip. For main exercise I dusted off and used the old nordic track ski machine that was purchased 18 years ago. Figured out the Wii Fit, got my self registered and using that also. I am feeling better my attitude and moods are also better, I have more energy during the day and am sleeping better at night.
I am pushing through on some unfinished projects. I need to update my projects list on Ravelry to show a more honest picture of how many Works In Progress I really do have. I started with one washcloth and it is my take everywhere knitting because I don't have to think a whole lot when I knit it.
Reading the Book of Mormon by April 12th.....not doing so well on this one.

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Brenda M. said...

Just thought I'd pop in to ask how everything is going?