Sunday, January 3, 2010

Goals (cont)

One of my goals this year is to get with and be involved again with the Year Long Gift-a-Long group on Ravelry. The purpose of the group is to set goals early on for knitting/crafting gifts for Holidays, birthdays etc. . The moderators if the group make goal setting and meeting fun. There is a lot of encouragement from other members . There are quarterly Challenges in addition to making and meeting monthly goals. The Quarterly Challenge is geared toward gifts due in November/December. Generally if you complete your goals in the quarterly challenges your name is put in a drawing for a prize...the prizes are awesome (if you are a knitter).

Here is the start of my gift list for 2010
January- 5 Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloths/due December
Felted Clogs/ Jacob/due February
February- 5 Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloths/due December
March- 5 Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloths/due December
spa set mother’s day
April- start quilt for charity raffle

Dishcloths are apart of my quarterly challenge goals. i stared with this group in 2008 and completed a lot of projects for gifts for Christmas and did a lot of charity knitting that year because of the goals I set. 2009 I didn't keep up with the group or make many goals. I look forward to doing well this year.
I have the knitting goals taken care of, for personal goals here is my start:
  • workout/go for brisk walk at least 30 minutes 4 times a week
  • read chapter of Book of Mormon each day

I have a few friends who are running together in a team relay long distance race called a RAGNAR the run 200 miles in 24 hours. I don't expect to be able to do anything at all like this anytime soon but I would like to be in that kind of shape where I could eventually run something like that. Right now I would be happy not running out of breath after climbing two flights of stairs.

New favorite thing: The Knitted Spoon podcast it combines knitting and vegetarian cooking two of my interests.


Dana said...

Great goals Andrea! Before you know it you will have all your projects done and be jogging a mile or two 4 times a week :) It gets easier I promise! What do you think about walking befor picking up kids (maybe a couple of times during the week)?

Andrea said...

Ouch, goals... what to do without them... but I'm not making any this year !!!!