Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Haven't seen you in a long time......"
no excuses, just apologies and empty promises to be better.

Today should have been my nephews 12th birthday.

Almost 6 years ago he went to the hospital real sick after a month of trying to stabilize him and many tests it was discovered he had a brain tumor, a bad one. A neuroblastoma. I won't go into all the details because in the 9 -10 months from the time he was diagnosed, treated and then eventually passed away, he showed great courage, patience and love.

Tommy was a loving and fun kid. Everyone was his friend. He liked singing songs with his mom, Action figures, cartoons, riding in his dad's red car, and good food. He liked playing and hanging out with his best friend Luke. He loved telling jokes, and never tired of telling them. He adored his big brother and sister.
He loved well and was well loved.
I had the pleasure of knowing him for only (almost) 7 years. I think of him everyday, not just on days like today. I think of how he was loving and accepting of everyone, how he was quick to point out if you needed to start "being nice". Christ like qualities I need and try to implement in my life everyday.

I miss you sweetie, thank you for letting me be your Aunt and being such a wonderful joy to everyone who knew you.

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