Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 14 Thanks

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I'm having a difficult time finding something to be thankful for today. A few days ago I got a message on my voice mail from my much loved SIL. She was diagnosed with breast cancer, today she met with the surgeon, heard the final pathology report and treatment options.
I don't like cancer and frankly am tired of it hurting my family and friends. I guess I should say I am thankful for my health and that advances in medicine have advanced so much over the years with early detection and treatments. I just know that you can never turn your back on cancer and that it doesn't play by any set of rules. I am grateful for my SIL, she lost a son to brain cancer 6 years ago. She is facing this new hurdle in her life a lot more graceful and strong than I would. She has always been a source of light, strength and joy. I am grateful for the example and influence she is in my life.

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Brenda M. said...

I am so sorry. (((HUGS))) I'll be praying for her, you, and your family.