Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday Swim

I spent a good part of Friday and Saturday selling Gatorade, Sodas, snacks healthy and not so healthy, to Coaches, swimmers, divers and spectators. Our HS hosted the mother of all swim meets this weekend. It was fun. I didn't get to see much swimming, but I enjoyed with the other parents from the "swim and dive boosters", and meet some of the other coaches from around AZ and the country.
There were over 800 swimmers and 97 divers from 30 schools. One school came from Mercer Island, Washington.
I did get to see my son swim in his one event the 100m breast stoke. Here is is taking off in his heat. He is the one in the middle with the longer jammers, the suit that looks like bicycling pants. He did pretty well knocked a second off his best time.
No knitting was done of course. I had a hat on needles waiting in my backpack for a quiet moment. But quiet moment never lasted long enough to take it out.
Tomorrow Peach jam.

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