Saturday, July 11, 2009

Huggable Triplet Hedgehogs

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I visited Tempe Yarn and Fiber to pick character from “familytree” of Nimmy Edefedd TiggyWinkles for the Ronald McDonald House. Was Drawn to aunts the Pinko Triplets. Started these June 26 Finished and returned them to Tempe Yarn and Fiber on July 7th.

I named them after My Grandma and her two sisters she was closest to. Presenting Rita, Grace and Drucilla the Pinko Triplets. It was fun to knit them. I had to get them over and done with as quickly as possible; if I had thought about it too much I would have become overwhelmed. They're done and in the store and waiting for the "family reunion" in October before traveling to their new home.

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My name is Lori said...

I luv the hedgehog pattern. Haven't knit them yet -- yours look so cute :)