Monday, July 13, 2009

Sewing Lessons

My 12yo son is mechanically inclined. When I sew, he watches with fascination trying to figure out how the machine works. The last couple of months he has been asking for lessons on how to work the sewing machine and to teach him how to sew.........I am not a patient woman and therefore not a very good teacher. I found a Kwiksew pattern for men's pajama bottoms, picked some fabric from my stash (yeah i have a fabric stash too)
Today we got started he learned:
  • how to cut out a pattern
  • reading pattern instructions
  • winding a bobbin
  • threading bobbin and machine
  • pressing
  • seaming
  • finishing edges
  • SAFETY first
  • you cannot watch TV while sewing a seam with a sewing machine.
  • Putting in a button hole

We got all the way through to one of the side seams in the leg
He just has three more leg seams, a waistband to turn under and seam finishing then he will be done. After working for three hours though, I thought we both needed some lunch and a break.

His general response while sewing was, "Cool!" "Look at that!"
Now his sisters want a turn at the machine..........must relax first.

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Andrea said...

hey, you can now have your own sweat workshop, LOL

Seriously, how cool is it that your children want to do creative stuff?